Drop in your favorite bottle of wine or spirits to complete this gift basket! If you haven’t tried our Sunflower Kernels by now, you are missing out! The perfect sweet or spicy snack to accompany this modern day charcuterie basket. If you like sweet, try the Honey Roasted. If you are feeling sassy- the Blazin’ Hot is for you.

Lovera’s Famous Italian Summer Sausage (5oz.) begins with the best cuts of beef and pork. Then it’s slowly smoked with natural hickory providing a very clean smoked flavor. Liquid smoke or artificial flavorings are never used! Lovera’s smoked sausage cannot be compared with any naturally smoked summer sausage on the market. It comes vacuumed packed to preserve its flavor and freshness. Try it for yourself, its ready to eat and shelf stable!

Red Barn Monterey Jack Cheese (6oz.) is sourced from an award winning dairy farm in Wisconsin! This mild and creamy cheese is rBGH-free*. Red Barn Family Farms supports ethical, humane animal care and exceptional milk cleanliness and quality. They truly believe the best milk comes from happy, well-cared-for cows. On average, their farms milk up to 55 cows. They are all known and cared for by name.

Early Wood Cutting Board (4×6) is the perfect snack sized board for garnishes or sausage/cheese. This cutting board is made from Jatoba Wood and features a care kit to maintain longevity. Each board comes handwrapped in kraft paper. Early Wood Designs donates $1 frome each cutting board to plant trees in the Atlantic Rainforest of Southern Brazil.

Bar Du Soleil (2oz.) and lastly our decadent dark chocolate candy bar, Bar du Soleil, to round off your snacking experience. Features a hint of sea salt and sunflower seeds.

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Baskets are shipped with a cellophane bag and hand tied bow.