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We’ve been acquired by Sunflower Food Company, Inc!

Bitterman Family Confections has been providing customers with the freshest and most delicious of sweets and confections since 1936 and will continue to do so through Sunflower Food Company, Inc.

Sunflower Food Company, Inc. is the home of the original chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  We call them Sunny Seeds®!  This chocolate covered sunflower seed with colorful candy coating makes the perfect nutritious snack.

This is an exciting time for the Bitterman and Sunflower Food Company families to join forces and provide you and your customers with fresh and high quality products at great prices.  Customizable labels and packaging options are available for all customers!



What does this mean for me?

As part of our transition to Sunflower Food Company, Inc., we will continue to operate and do business as usual.  Most of the amazing team and staff have already transitioned into Sunflower Food Company and we are excited that the Bitterman Family will continue to work hand in hand with Sunflower Food Company, Inc. to ensure that all of our past and present customers and clients are given the best care throughout this transition.